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Documentary "Garzal, Faith and Resistance"

A mid-length documentary (30min) was produced by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and that features the community of El Garzal, a small Pentecostal community struggling for land rights and the right to stay on their land in the face of threats from competing armed groups, in the Magdalena Medio River basin. The documentary illustrates the many ways religion is embedded in ideas of protection, prosperity, and politics in Colombia’s civil armed conflict. 

Documentary "Colombian Churches Call for Peace "

This short documentary (11min) also produced by the Mennonite Central Committee and was developed as a tool for advocacy and public engagement with North American constituents by featuring inspiring stories of peacebuilding and work for justice through grassroots and community organizing by Colombian peace churches. 

Documentary "La Mina"

This short documentary (11min) was produced by the Mennonite Central Committee and illustrates the risks and impacts of Canadian mining operations in Guatemala and Honduras, on human rights, the rights of the earth, and the right to clean water. The documentary also highlights the ways intercultural religious worldviews shape struggles for environmental and social justice through organizing and grassroots movements.

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